Chilli! The one spice that can burn your tongue, make you sweaty and even give you a running nose. However, humans seem to enjoy the thrill of indulging in it – some even say that it improves their appetite. Chilli has a lot of dietary benefits such as improving digestion, providing nutrients and even helping in blood circulation throughout the body. However, the spice is not everyone's cup of tea. Some people cannot tolerate even the smallest amounts in their meals. If you are one of such and would like to train your tongue to tolerate the heat, keep reading for some useful tips.

Start small

When you look at a veteran enjoying a spicy meal that's loaded with hot peppers of other forms of chilli, you may think that it is easy. However, for a beginner, tolerating chilli is not an easy task. That's why you need to start small. Add mild peppers in your food and get used to the spiciness first. From there, you can work your way up to the hotter peppers and sauces. This is the most effective way to train your tongue to tolerate the burn. If you start with the hottest chilli on the market, you will most likely give up along the way.

Practice makes perfect

No one was born with the ability to comfortably eat hot peppers or spicy foods. This is a trait that comes with practice. Don't think that you will eat chilli once a month and get used to the burn. No! You require regular practice to train your tongue to adapt to the new taste. Make sure that you have a couple of spicy meals every week to build the tolerance. As mentioned earlier, don't start with the hottest options. Increase your chilli intake a little every week until you can comfortably eat an extra-spicy dish without sniffing a hundred times at the dinner table.

Eat slowly

When you eat a lot of chilli within a short period, your body's reaction to the spice becomes stronger than if you ate a little at a time. That's why you should strive to eat slowly so that the effects can be mild. Remember, chilli is not only felt on your tongue but also in the rest of the body. Eating a little at a time will prevent sweating and other uncomfortable feelings that accompany the burn. If you ingest too much at a time, eat or drink something cold, and it will make you feel better.

Finally, to enjoy this spice, make sure that you get the best quality on the market. Visit a reputed store for all your ground chilli, chilli peppers, and hot sauces. For more information on how to buy chilli, contact your local food supplier.