Whole house water filters are not cheap to buy or install. For this reason, most people choose not to have them in their houses and use other excuses why they don't need home water filters. If you have heard the reasons that homeowners give for not valuing water filters, you may also be wondering whether you need them in your house. This article will address some of the leading misconceptions people have about whole house water filters and the truth about these systems.

People with tap water don't need filters

 For most people in Australia and around the world, only houses that use wells should have house water filters. However, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, tap water contains more than 90 percent of pollutants that include bacteria, lead, copper and other chemicals that are harmful to your health. In addition to that, tap water contains a lot of chlorine that can cause cancer, and drying of the skin and hair among other conditions. The belief that chlorinated tap water is clean for cooking, drinking and bathing is false because chlorine does not kill most pollutants and bacteria.

You only need purified water for drinking

Since a whole house water filter is more expensive than under sink water filter, most people will go with the latter to save money. People assume that they only need clean and purified water for drinking. However, pollutants can enter the body through inhalation and the skin when bathing and washing dishes so all the water in the house should be pure. Dirty water can also discolor your dishes and clothes not to mention its bad taste and smell. With a whole home water filter, all the water is safe for showering, laundry, cooking and washing dishes.

It's too expensive

As aforementioned, a good and quality whole house water filter is not cheap. However, compared to buying bottled drinking water every day and the hospital bills you will incur if your water makes you sick, a filter seems very economical. Good water filters give you safe and clean water for many years so you will get value for money and the initial cost is a minimal price to pay for good health.

All models are the same

Though the primary function of all water filters is to purify your water, every model even from the same manufacturer is different. It is essential to know exactly what features you want in whole house water filter because some come with more features than others. If you want a filter that softens hard water and improves taste you should be clear about that when making the purchase.

Water makes up to 70% of the body; therefore, it is crucial to consume and use pure and clean water in your household. The only way to do that is to have a whole house water filter that ensures every drop of water running through your plumbing fixtures is purified.